About Us

UNRIBA is a youth-orientated Muslim campaign towards creating awareness regarding the harms, spiritual and otherwise, of the riba-based current monetary and financial system, and realizing reforms to neutralize, reduce or avoid riba and its effects.

Riba is loosely translated from the original Arabic as ‘Usury’ and is often used to describe the loaning of money on interest. It is a term found in the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and has been repeatedly condemned as a major sin and evil.

While loaning on interest does qualify as Riba, riba also has many other different forms. As per the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

Riba has 70 segments”

(Ibn e Majah 2265)

UNRIBA is a grassroots campaign focused on reform against riba on an individual and community level. The source of the prohibition against riba is found in the Islamic teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

While the organisers and volunteers of UNRIBA are mainly Muslim, we do not uphold or promote any specific religious sect or political ideology, nor do we seek confrontation with any government or state. Our approach is non-sectarian and inclusive of all those concerned with the same issue.

“Those  who  practise  Riba (usury)  will  not  rise  from  the  grave  except  as  someone  driven  mad  by  Shaytan’s  touch.  That  is  because  they  say,  ‘Trade  is  the  same as  usury.’  But  Allah  has  permitted  trade  and  He  has  forbidden Riba. Whoever is given a warning by his Lord and then desists, may keep what he received in the past and his affair is Allah’s concern. But all who return to it will be the Companions of the Fire, remaining in it timelessly, for ever.
Allah obliterates Riba but makes sadaqa grow in value! Allah does not love any persistently ungrateful wrongdoer.
Those who have iman and do right actions and establish salat and pay zakat, will have their reward with their Lord. They will feel no fear andwill know no sorrow.
You who have iman! have taqwa of Allah and forgo any remaining Riba if you are muminun.
If you do not, know that it means war from Allah and His Messenger. But if you make tawba you may have your capital, without wronging and without being wronged.
If someone is in difficult circumstances, there should be a deferral until things are easier. But making a free gift of it would be better for you if you only knew.
Have  fear  of  a  Day  when  you  will  be  returned  to  Allah.  Then  every  self  will  be paid  in  full  for  what  it  earned. They will not be wronged”

[Al-Baqarah 2:275-281]

“O those who believe do not consume Riba doubled and redoubled.”

[The holy Quran, surah Al-i-‘Imran 3:130]

“Usury once in control will wreck the nation.”

– William Lyon Mackenzie King
(10th Prime Minister of Canada 1921-1948)

“Usury is the cancer of the world … “

― Ezra Pound, What is Money For?
(American poet and critic 1885-1972)